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World Cup Final: LIVE from Rio


Media preview
Culminating an epic World Cup. 
We're keeping tabs on the biggest game in all of sport - the World Cup final. As an extraordinary tournament culminates in Rio de Janeiro, we'll have all the coverage from the game including play-by-play, Tweets and photos.

Mexico 1 - 0 Cameroon
Oribe Peralta (62')
Friday 13 June 2014
Kick-off: 5pm BST (UK time)
Estádio das Dunas, Natal
Group A, World Cup Game #2
- See more at: http://www.tsmbrazil.com/2014/06/WorldCup-Game2-MEXCMR_13.html#sthash.P8bOtK6q.dpuf
Live: Germany 1 - 0 Argentina
Extra time

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Time zones: Timings are in BST (British Summer Time, GMT+1). Now that the game is underway we do it as minutes into the match.


Due to a cut off in the TSM HQ we were unable to load the remainder of the live blog.

92 mins: Palacio on the break again but plenty of time for Germany to get back as Palacio doesn't control well. Aguero breaks down the left but his shot passes the face of goal.

91 mins: Extra-time is off to a flyer! Andre Schurrle spearheads the German break that sees his shot parried back out by an awakened Romero. Argentina look to break down the other end but Boateng cllatters in the process.

90+3 mins: We're going to extra-time. 

86 mins: LeBron is in the house and has captured some video footage...

85 mins: Last throw of the dice for Sabella? Fernando Gago on. Meanwhile, Low is looking to put on Gotze.

83 mins: True beauty

Media preview

81 mins: Kroos' runs onto a pulled ball back from Ozil but it trickles wide.

80 mins: Replenished. Howedes contests a foul in the box but no penalty given. Messi troubling again but its still goalless.

70 mins: Please bare with me as I quickly open my fast, I'll still be watching

67 mins: Now this is really cool.

65 mins: Slow and physical now. Some fouls flying around but just needing a spark to blow the game open.

64 mins: Javier Mascherano booked for lunging in on Klose.

61 mins: Mesut Ozil can't hit past Andre Schurrle's cross. 

55 mins: Neuer races out to punch away a ball and in the process knees Higuain - who is flattened, then livid, then accepts the apology, kinda.

Media preview

50 mins: Sunset in Rio de Janeiro. Stunning.

save image

47 mins: Argentina open up with two early opportunities. First, Higuain strikes across but is offside, then the flag stays down for Lionel Messi but it runs away from the face of goal.

46 mins: Sergio Aguero replaces Ezequiel Lavezzi over half-time. 

46 mins: Second half all set.

Half-time: Both sides have had their fair share of action so any alleged defensive invincibility is no more. All to play for, a goal surely must be coming.

Half-time: That's it for the first half. Here's your half time read

45+1 mins: HITS THE POST! Howedes rattles the woodwork from Toni Kroos corner.

43 mins: Germany finishing strong - Muller's cross flies out and Romero captures a save.

41 mins: Thomas Muller displaying some dramatics. He's down again. *Dive*

save image

39 mins: Sweeped off the line by Jerome Boateng sweeps away Lionel Messi's chip from the near post. The little man is causing some trouble. 

36 mins: Romero keeps out a sweet strike from Andre Schurrle as Muller rolls it into towards the Chelsea man. The shot from the corner of the box is stopped well. 

33 mins: This Vine..

31 mins: Been a tough going for Christoph Kramer, he is subbed off for Andre Schurrle.

30 mins: Celebrations are cut short. Higuain guides in a cross but its offside. Sabella was aware in the dugouts...

29 mins: Bastian Schweinsteiger receives the first booking of the game for a foul on Ezequiel Lavezzi.

27 mins: Muller pokes Lahm's cross straight towards the keeper.

23 mins: Copa Cabana beach right now 

Media preview

18 mins: Now that's just criminal! Toni Kroos carelessly heads away towards Higuain who is through and only has Neuer to beat. The gifted chance is smashed wide. That was it! 

17 mins: Christoph Kramer is down, but back up. Big blow.

15 mins: Conditions accused in Rio - sunlight forced Demichelis to head away in the wrong direction and then some slips on what is looking like a watery pith14 mins: Not a bad start for Kramer in his first German competitive start:

11 mins: Argentina get through twice in quick succession through Lavezzi, but the crosses are cut out.

8 mins: A blistering run from Lionel Messi sees him break past Mats Hummels, but the cross is cleared away by Schweinsteiger.

5 mins: Taken a few minutes for Argentina to get into their gear and test the Germans, but when they do there is a sigh of relief as Higuain's shot glances past Neuer's goal.

3 mins:German free-kick comes to nothing. But they definitely had the choices >>

Media preview

2 mins: Majority of support looking in the Argentine's favour here. 

0 mins: Kick-off! This calls or a conversion in our time units, to minutes...

19:57 Anthems sung... Players ready. Day of destiny.

19:50 I must say, I'm absolutely GUTTED for Sami Khedira - injured in the warm-ups fo the game.

19:45 The World Cup has entered, in a Louis Vutton case..

19:20 Team News In...




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