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NBA Playoffs 2014 Round 1, Game 5 Recap, Highlights, Stats & More: Bulls Crash Out, Another Overtime Between Grizz & Thunder, Clippers Stand Tall


NBA Playoffs 2014
Game 5, Round 1
28 - 30 April 2014

A newsworthy Round of the NBA Playoffs may have been dominated by the Donald Sterling scandal, but there was a lot more notes to be taken on the court, too. While the Bulls crashed out, Grizzlies and Thunder took it to the wire, and Clippers stood strong united. 

This article contains all the action, information and everything else from each game featured in the 2014 NBA Playoffs Game 5, Round 1 contested between 28 and 30 April. You'll find video highlights of key plays, key stats such as highest points and highest rebounds, times, locations and much more information.

The Donald Sterling scandal may have dominated the headlines, but there was plenty of things to remember on the court - all of which are in this article.

Indiana's Playoff Rollercoaster Continue As Pacers Plummet

Score: Atlanta Hawks 107 - 97 Indiana Pacers
Location: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN, USA.
Date: Monday 28 April 2014
Tip-off: 8:00pm ET (1:00am BST, Tues. morning UK time)
Highest points: Paul George (IND), 26 pts.
Highest rebounds: Paul George (IND), 12 rebs.
Highest assists: David West (IND), 7 asts.
Current series score: Pacers 2 - 3 Hawks

Pacers were once again left to question themselves at the hand of the Atlanta Hawks, who, are just a win away from knocking out the #1 seed after raining three-pointers over the Pacers at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indiana.

A mesmerizing run in the second quarter, where Mike Scott's three-point onslaught saw him score 17 points in the period, would put the game in Indiana's favor, proving enough to hold on against Pacers' late surge.

Over the quarter, Atlanta made 13-16 field goals, while successfully shooting 9 three pointers out of 11 attempts. Mike Scott put his team within three as the first quarter drew to a close - with Pacers leading 21 - 18. However, a dramatic change would be witnessed over the second quarter, in total a 30-6 run that saw Hawks up 48-27, before finishing the half with a 61 - 40 lead. Before Pacers assembled a comeback, they would be down by as much as 30 points in the meeting.

It was literally torrential rain from beyond the arc - Atlanta made 15 three pointers in the game, 3 higher than the previous record for most 3s in a postseason fixture.

Out of nowhere, all of a sudden, Mike Scott had decimated the Pacers and plummeted them into doubt by halftime - some of his best shooting of his career was more than enough to outdo the Pacers.

While Paul George scored 26 points with 12 rebounds and his teammates - David West, Lance Stephenson and George Hill - all scored 16 points. However for Roy Hibbert, it was more than disappointing as he failed to score a point or register a single rebound for the first time in his playoff career.

While the second quarter runaway may have suggested otherwise, Pacers went down swinging, to an extent. Late in the third quarter, Pacers suddenly had life again, with the deficit cut down to 18-points. But from there, they'd take it further to within 9 points, as there was 4:04 left on the clock.

Kyle Korver's three though acted as the proverbial 'dagger', taking the game further way when Pacers belief crumbled.

They would go onto win by double digits.

Despite a showing of great character and will, Pacers losing on their homecourt asks questions of their chemistry and credibility. Three-points were absolutely incredibly shot from the Atlanta Hawks - and it was too late for Pacers to respond to Mike Scott's performance before the game was flipped around. However, positives can be taken - reducing the deficit from 30 points, to end up losing by 10 points reserved dignity. What happened to Roy Hibbert? A silent game, literally, from one of Pacers' keys. Yes, with George, Stephenson and others scoring significantly, it may have been the formula for a winning performance - though Hawks were always a step ahead.

News update: During Indiana's loss, Paul George's house was reportedly burgled and his All-Star ring was stolen. A total of more than $15,000 was taken from the home but there were no signs of forced entry. 

Hawks can win the series back in Atlanta for Game 6.

Bulls Crash Out Playoffs Against Wizards

Score: Washington Wizards 75 - 69 Chicago Bulls
Location: United Center, Chicago, IL, USA.
Date: Tuesday 29 April 2014
Tip-off: 8:00pm ET (1:00am BST, Weds. morning UK time)
Highest points: John Wall (WAS), 24 pts.
Highest rebounds: Joakim Noah (CHI), 18 rebs.
Highest assists: Joakim Noah (CHI), 7 asts.
Current series score: Bulls 1 - 4 Wizards, Washington Wizards progress to Round 2

Dismay, disappointment and detrimental to morale, Chicago Bulls season came to an end at the hands of the Washington Wizards.

In five games out of a possible seven, Washington clinched their spot in Round 2, where they'll face the winner of the Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks series.

After his suspension that saw him ruled out of Game 4, Nene was back and scored 20 points, though it would be NBA Dunk Contest winner John Wall that would do the bulk of the scoring, with 24 points onto his total.

For just the third time in over 4 decades, the Wizards progressed in the playoffs - while bringing a cloud of disappointment upon Chicago.

However, Chicago put up one last stand to resist a disappointing knockout - alas, in vein.

Taj Gibson picked up an injury when attempting to sabotage John Wall's layup in the fourth, clutching his ankle in agony as his game closed with 12 points registered.

His teammates, Butler and Hinrich, scored 16 for Chicago, who were tied during halftime.

Wizards would extend a nine-point lead in the fourth quarter, though with over two minutes remaining, Chicago got within 3 points, 72-69 after a pair of free throws from D.J. Augustin. Those would be the last points scored of the Bulls' season.

Nene rebounded dominantly in the paint and tracked down loose balls to produce free-throws and chances for his side, as Wizards' scored three more from the free-throw line to guarantee the final margin.

When Derrick Rose returned at the American Airlines Arena for the opening game of the season back in October, things looked optimistic for the Bulls - now, after a torrid postseason, its the opposite, and there are calls ringing for change. Joakim Noah has been individually excellent, and his Defensive Player of the Year Award is a true credit to his attributes, but he can't do everything - and that's the problem. Bulls have not been able to rely on a consistent scorer down the stretch, no balance and sometimes there's a lack of motivation. Wizards didn't turnover at all - they relished in their minimal playoff experience. They'll have quite a good chance in Round 2.

Bradley Beal has been one of the many fresh Wizards players relishing the opportunity USA TODAY SPORTS

Grizzlies Edge Thunder 100-99 In Fourth Overtime Thriller

Score: Memphis Grizzlies 100 - 99 Oklahoma City Thunder
Location: Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, OK
Date: Tuesday 29 April 2014
Tip-off: 9:00pm ET (2:00am BST, Weds. morning UK time)
Highest points: Russell Westbrook (OKC), 30 pts.
Highest rebounds: Marc Gasol (MEM), 15 rebs.
Highest assists: Russell Westbrook (OKC), 13 asts.
Current series score: Thunder 2 - 3 Grizzlies

For the fourth straight time in an epic series, 48 minutes would not see the end of Thunder and Grizzlies' battle.

Russell Westbrook was outstanding as he dished out 13 assists and added 30 to Oklahoma's points total, as part of a tripe-double for Oklahoma City's point-guard who also finished with 10 rebounds.

Winning by just one point, the history-making game had drama in the final few seconds of overtime.

Durant got Oklahoma within 100-99, scoring one of his two free-throws but, his rhythm was significantly halted by referee Joey Crawford, snatching the ball from Durant and ordering scoreboard operators to make a change.

Serge Ibaka tipped the ball in after rebounding Kevin Durant's three pointer just as the buzzer went. Fans at the Chesapeake Arena were euphoric, before the shot was reviewed.

Referee's concluded that Ibaka released the shot after the buzzer had went, meaning Memphis won by just one point.

Zach Randolph lead the charge for the roaring Grizzlies with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Former Miami Heat star Mike Miller scored 21 and Mike Conley had 17.

Despite another struggle out in scoring (10-24, 26 pts), Durant's early fourth-quarter three point shot gave Thunder a 79-78 lead after trailing by 20 points in the phase prior.

Ultimately, his mistakes would deny Oklahoma of the win. Thunder could have taken the lead with a minute left though he was stripped off the ball, and Marc Gasol went on to score one of two-free throws to take the game to overtime. He also missed a three-pointer that would have won in overtime. 

Grizzlies picked up the big win to tie the series in another noteworthy playoff encounter. Judging by how well these two teams have matched, we could be in for a tough Game 7 decider.

Overtime, overtime, overtime. Maybe they should specially change the minutes of this game to 53. They are so well matched, especially in the fourth quarter, that neither can win by a huge margin. Kevin Durant will hope for better shooting days in order to really open up the margin, but the Thunder showed great courage and resilience from coming back after being down by 20.

This was the fourth consecutive overtime finish between Grizzlies and Thunder GETTY IMAGES

Resounding Clippers "Are One" In Massive Victory At Staples Center

Score: Golden State Warriors 103 - 113 Los Angeles Clippers
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA.
Date: Tuesday April 29 2014
Tip-off: 10:30pm ET (3:30am BST, Weds. morning UK time)
Highest points: DeAndre Jordan (LAC), 25 pts.
Highest rebounds: DeAndre Jordan (LAC), 18 rebs.
Highest assists: Andre Iguadola (GSW), 8 asts.
Current series score: Clippers 3 - 2 Warriors

Fever pitch at the Staples Center meant one thing - the Clippers turned up to win. After emotions ran high with the Donald Sterling scandal, Clippers put themselves one win away from progression to the next round.

News update: On the day of the game, Los Angeles Clippers' owner, Donald Sterling, was "banned for life" from the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who also issued a $2.5 million fine, which is the maximum in the NBA constitution, and the ban means he cannot attend any Clippers' affiliated events or board meetings. This comes after TMZ released a shocking audio tape of the Clippers owner expressing highly offensive racial remarks. Clippers did respond in Game 4, and other teams followed, by wearing their warmup jerseys inside out and ditching their white t-shirts.

Doc Rivers, who cancelled training when the scandal was taking effect, was emotionally-high as he praised his team, "I'm just proud of them", he said.

Emotions ran high both on and off the court. DeAndre Jordan had a monster game with 25 points and 18 rebounds as part of a phenomenal double that included 4 blocks. Meanwhile, Chris Paul showed true leadership while racking up 20 points.

The Staples Center was raucous as the Clippers made their way on to the court to a standing ovation. Support was high. It was a true message of how sport can stand against racism - just like in the weekend prior, where Brazilian footballer Dani Alves ate a banana after it was thrown at him from the crowd, and many others followed in the #WeAreAllMonkeys campaign on social media.

Jamal Crawford scored 19 points describing the game as "monumental". The performance was a true credit to his performances off the bench, voted "Sixth Man of the Year" in the NBA awards.

It was a close encounter going into the final phase. Curry, while not having the best of games, managed to put Warriors ahead, though Chris Paul's three-pointer put Clippers back up 72-70. 

A fourth-quarter shine from the Clippers would be enough to see them through, as Griffin scored six points in the first 5 minutes and Jordan went 6-8 from the free-throw line. With 7 minutes to go, Clippers were up by 9 and followed that suit to continue and win by double figures.

Its a monumental win for the Clippers who have ignited a huge fire in their fight to win the Championship. Warriors won't go away easily, but if Clippers manage to stop the three-point onslaught and beat them late, they'll have a big chance. A hugely significant moment as thousands gave them a standing ovation in a stand against racism. This was more than basketball - this was sport beating racism. As for Game 6, Clippers will hope to carry the ignition that little bit further.

Warriors vs. Clippers Game 5: Live Score, Highlights and Reactions
One of four emphatic blocks from DeAndre Jordan's sensational performance USA TODAY

Spurs On Brink Of Series Win, Shut Out Mavericks

Score: Dallas Mavericks 103 - 109 San Antonio Spurs
Location: AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX, USA.
Date: Wednesday 30 April 2014
Tip-off: 7:00pm ET (12:00am BST, Thurs. morning UK time)
Highest points: Vince Carter (DAL), 28 pts.
Highest rebounds: Dirk Nowitzki (DAL), 15 rebs.
Highest assists: Monta Ellis (DAL), Boris Diaw (SAS), 6 asts.
Current series score: Spurs 3 - 2 Mavericks

The latest installment to the battle of the Texas Veterans between the Mavericks and Spurs went one way, Tony Parker's way.

The Frenchman scored 23 points and handed out 5 assists, merely hours after his fiancee gave birth to his first son.

Vince Carter, who sunk a buzzer-beater to win a previous game, scored 28 points from 10-16 from the field. He hit another three-pointer in the game to put the Mavs within 4 of Spurs' 98, but Parker's only successful shot from beyond the arc put his side up 101-94.

Ginobli (16 pts), Splitter (17 pts), Duncan (16 pts, 12 rebs.) and Leonard (15 pts.) all had solid games in contribution to the Spurs' win, who's largest lead in the game was a first-quarter thirteen point lead.

Nowitzki missed a "big shot", in his words, that would've put Dallas nearer in the game with 3 minutes left, but he missed it and the towering German's disappointment was evident in the post-game interview.

And so, the Spurs went on, and won by 6 points.

Tony Parker played exceptional, especially when considering his lack of sleep prior to the game with the birth of his son. After a key game and performance, he'll want to shut them out in Dallas - but Nowitzki's better shooting performance with 26 is just one sign that it will be a very tough fight. Another great game, Texas stands up.

Mavericks vs. Spurs Game 5: Live Score, Highlights and Reaction
Parker on a high after a great performance GETTY IMAGES

Raptors Rescue Big Lead to Stun Nets

Score: Brooklyn Nets 113 - 115 Toronto Raptors
Location: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, USA.
Date: Wednesday 30 April 2014
Tip-off: 7:30pm ET (12:30am BST, Thurs. morning UK time)
Highest points: Kyle Lowry (TOR), 36 pts.
Highest rebounds: Patrick Patterson (TOR), 8 asts.
Highest assists: Deron Williams (BKN), 9 asts.
Current series score: Raptors 3 - 2 Nets

Kyle Lowry posted a massive game that was vital in Raptors' topsy-turvy win over the Brooklyn Nets.

Although blowing a 26-point lead, Raptors hung on to win by just two points.

Kyle Lowry scored 36 points which is the highest he's ever scored in the playoffs. His biggest points were a three pointer after Raptors had let slip of a 26-point advantage, putting Nets off balance.

An inspired comeback fell short - even though they managed to post a whopping total of 44 points in the final phase, one mistake, a turnover, would spell a tough defeat.

Lowry, pressurizing Andrey Blatche, forced him to pass to Deron Williams, though it was far from Williams, going over into the backcourt and turning over in possession. 

The final buzzer came as a sigh of relief for Raptors, who made "Every mistake you could think about" - according to Raptors coach Dwane Casey - and almost fatally lost to the Nets.

Earlier in the fourth Toronto lead 94 - 72, but a charge from Brooklyn on a 15-3 run set the record straight for them before moving towards 97-87. Soon, Johnson's three-point play tied the game at 101, with just 3:16 left on the clock.

It would be later tied at 107 wit over a minute left, but key lays from DeRozan from the foul line along with Anderson's fee-throws. They would go onto win, but only just.

Don't rule out Game 7.

Another close game, at least in the late stages. Raptors will be more than relieved to have won the game, considering the fact that losing after leading by 26 would have made them subject to a lot of disappointment and criticism. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are really stepping it up for the Raptors now more than ever, but they may not be enough to stop Pierce, Garnett and the other Nets in Game 6.

Nets vs. Raptors: Game 5 Score and Twitter Reaction from 2014 NBA Playoffs
Game 6 is at the Barclays Center GETTY IMAGES

Rockets Redeem After Lin & Howard Surge

Score: Portland Trail Blazers 98 - 108 Houston Rockets
Location: Toyota Center, Houston, TX, USA.
Date: Wednesday 30 April 2014
Tip-off: 9:30pm ET (2:30am BST, Thurs. morning UK time)
Highest points: Wesley Matthews (POR), 27 pts.
Highest rebounds: Omar Asik (HOU), 15 rebs,
Highest assists: Damian Lillard (POR), James Harden (HOU), 7 asts.
Current series score: Rockets 2 - 3 Blazers 

Houston kept Portland at bay in Game 5 at the Toyota Center, winning by double-digits after Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard dominated.

"Linsanity" made an appearance in the game, after anything but in Game 4, scoring 21 points after coming off the subs.

Meanwhile his towering teammate, Dwight Howard, posted an emphatic double-double that would prove key to the Rockets, with 22 points and 14 boards.

James Harden's step back three pointer made it 103-98 in response to Damian Lillard's basket. In the series, Lillard has scored 125 points and dished out 35 assists, meaning he has been responsible for more than 200 points thus far in the series.

Harden's stepback three was followed by an 8-0 run that took the game away from Portland's fingertips.

LaMarcus Aldridge was slowed down and limited to eight points, halting his rampant form that saw him overage 35+ points in the four previous playoff games.

Its a big win for Houston, but they need to be consistent now to force Game 7. The Rockets did really well to close out a wild Portland team, and LaMarcus Aldridge's isolation like today is absolutely paramount of Rockets want to continue and win the next two that will see them through. 

Blazers vs. Rockets: Game 5 Score and Twitter Reaction from 2014 NBA Playoffs
Chandler Parson goes to the rim GETTY IMAGES

That's all for Game 5. One more series is now wrapped up as the Wizards eliminate Bulls. In a series where NBA and sports stood united against racism, its fitting that these are shaping up to be historic playoffs.

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SportingMatrix • We Live For Sport: NBA Playoffs 2014 Round 1, Game 5 Recap, Highlights, Stats & More: Bulls Crash Out, Another Overtime Between Grizz & Thunder, Clippers Stand Tall
NBA Playoffs 2014 Round 1, Game 5 Recap, Highlights, Stats & More: Bulls Crash Out, Another Overtime Between Grizz & Thunder, Clippers Stand Tall
Complete recap, reports, analysis, stats & more for Game 5, Round 1, from the 2014 NBA Playoffs.
SportingMatrix • We Live For Sport
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